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60cm/24'' Bamboo Circular Needles

60cm/24'' Bamboo Circular Needles

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SIZES - 3.0mm



Material: bamboo

Length: 60cm/24 inches

Experience the smooth, lightweight feel of precious Bamboo Knitting Needles with a warm and natural touch for easy knitting. Bamboo is a natural material with strength and flexibility which improves with age.

60% lighter than aluminum needles of the same size, Bamboo needles won’t tire your hands after hours of knitting, and unlike metal needles, they are quiet and feel very comfortable in the hand, the stitches stay on the needles much easier and are less likely to slip off.

An additional bonus on all PONY BAMBOO circulars is the patented GLYDON joint. This high precision screw thread mechanism made from top quality solid brass connects shank and cable with an easy twist to form a tight and smooth joint allowing the yarn to move easily and snag-free.

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