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New Yarn on Baby Cones -- Late Autumn
Source:Lotus Cashmere Co.,Ltd | Author:Stella | Publish time: 2016-08-17 | 7018 Views | Share:
Lotus just launched a new yarn called Late Autumn in 16 trendy colors with fiber of 46% fine wool/38% tencel/10% viscose/6% cashmere. Two sizes of put up 360m/50g cone and 720m/100g cone.
Pls view more details at Late Autumn

This is Lotus another great design full of imagination and creativity. And most important, we can do custom wind for any cone weight on request, say 200g,250g,500g etc ,which will make it more suitable and easier for both hand knitting and machine weaving. 

Let's together go to find great knitting pleasure in this cool Autumn with this excellent yarn!